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Micro “Intern” Projects (Spring 2023)


Weekly Checkin Template

To help keep teams on track, we believe it is important for participants to answer the following questions each week in a ½ page document before the meeting with the 404 DAO team.

It is our goal to keep these weekly deliverables short and targeted so that teams can focus on building out their idea.

Buildathon Participants

Micro-Internships Startup Track
Isaac Anokye huifan Thanh Trinh Tariq
Simukuka Akakandelwa Tashaan Wesley Fateen Anam Patrick Dyer
Victor ware Cole Davis Joshua Guaz Tashaan Wesley
Austin Lynelle Horton Hardy An Ashwini kumar
Daylin Hart Isaac Anokye Dhruv Gautam
Rushi Patrick Dyer Theo Wallace

Micro-Internships Team Registration